The reason why children gty are puberty soon

It seems that from time to time, the broiler chicken is eaten with the nasty consequences of chicken poisoning. One of the reasons is that girls who eat these fruits are puberty at the very young age. It is said that these hormones have been released for human development. This reward is due to the fact that not only due to chicken meat but also other things we use has been published recently.

According to a study by the University of California, many shampoos, soaps, and toothpastes are filled with chemical constituents that affect the growing hormone system. It has been revealed that due to these reasons, the girls are coming sooner than usual. It is also said that the normal use of these substances is sufficient for dropping testosterone levels in male children.

The research involved the use of 338 children. They have been studying from the motherland to the time of puberty. It allows you to study how the material affects the body at that age. It is yet another important discovery that although the children are not directly exposed to these chemicals, they can survive during the mother’s womb.

Researchers have shown that the tendency for erectile dysfunction is increasing for the last 20 years. The most important factor influenced by it was the chemicals used in personal hygiene, such as soaps and shampoos.

Pre-grussing is on the one hand social issues. Young girls are also prone to behavioral disorders.

“We absorb some of our bodies into the body through our skin. Some people go into the body through the inhalation and unconsciously. We need to know how these affect the body, “said research professor Kim Hale.

It has been revealed that because of the chemicals contained in certain sanitary substances, girls have ovarian cancer and mosquitoes. Phthalates, parabens and phenols have been identified as the most common constituents. The materials on the skin, though the mouth and orifice, are not much different.

Autism is also responsible for the development of children’s normal growth rates. In a five-year study, the study found that children exposed to above-mentioned chemicals were exposed to autism, according to a study of 175 pregnant mothers of children in several high schools, testing the blood and urine.

Scientists have discovered about 44 chemicals that affect the hormones in the Gabinian’s body. Among these, there are also bromide, chemical perfluorooctane used for heating wood, and pesticides (beta-hexachlorocyclohexane) used in agriculture. In contrast, from 1972 to 2012, the number of children diagnosed with autism in the United Kingdom increased by 78% compared to autopsies.

Sadly, this is the risk of becoming the future of the young children and mothers with care

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