Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind this new process takes a simpler approach..

Scrapped HDD magnets square measure collected, then any protecting coatings square measure removed. The magnets square measure crushed into powder, that is then deposited on a substrate victimization plasma spray to synthesize coatings ½ to one millimetre thick. The properties of the top product square measure customizable looking on process controls.

While the new magnetic material cannot retain the exceptional magnetic properties of the first material, it probably fills market desires for a cost-effective selection wherever the performance of a high-strength rare-earth magnet isn’t needed, however lower performance magnets like ferrites don’t seem to be sufficient .

The method is additionally Associate in Nursing economical thanks to turn out robust magnets for tiny places, like sleek hand-held physical science.

“This waste reduction side of this method is absolutely two-fold; we’re not solely reusing end-of-life magnets,” said Ott. “We are reducing the quantity of producing waste created in creating skinny and tiny pure mathematics magnets out of larger bulk materials.”

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