Month: April 2018

Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind this new process takes a simpler approach..

Scrapped HDD magnets square measure collected, then any protecting coatings square measure removed. The magnets square measure crushed into powder, that is then deposited on a substrate victimization plasma spray to synthesize coatings ½ to one millimetre thick. The properties of the top product square measure customizable looking on process controls. While the new magnetic […]

5G antenna measurement research.

NIST’s new massive Antenna Positioning System (LAPS) has 2 robotic arms designed to position “smart” or labile antennas, which might be mounted aboard stations that handle signals to and from vast numbers of devices. Future 5G systems can operate at higher frequencies and provide quite one hundred times the data-carrying capability of today’s cellphones, whereas […]